Friday, January 16, 2015

Purple Stash

Sewing my stash is going to take some serious work.  In addition to working on finishing some UFO's this year, I need to start (and complete!) some new projects in order to use some of my stash.  So this week I pulled a project -- a purple project!  I took my purples.....

.....and cut some squares.

Then I found some really pretty ivory pieces left over from a quilt I made in 2008 as a wedding gift. 

I cut the ivory pieces into strips.

Then I cut up a bunch of little ivory squares to make blocks like this --

Hmmmm, now that I look closer, I can see that I need to rip this one apart and restitch it so that center looks better. 

Anyway, with some sashing and cornerstones, I think this will make a cute quilt.  I'll have to add some borders because, so far, this quilt is only using up about 3 yards of that stash.  See what I mean about this taking some serious work?

I have to apologize to anyone who left a comment for me.   Somehow I deleted them.  I really appreciate comments, so I will be careful not to do that again.


  1. These are some of the comments which were deleted --
    Gloria Hill has left a new comment on your post "Purple Stash":

    First of all, the pretty, delicate teacup in the header clearly looks like it belongs in my china cabinet. And concerning the gorgeous stash of purples that you are turning into a beautiful quilt, we both know who NEEDS it... Seriously! I'm just sayin', Girlfriend. <3
    Mimi has left a new comment on your post "Purple Stash":

    Why is it when we go to the quilt shop to start a new quilt you have to buy 11 yards for the top and six yards for the backing? Yet, when we go to our stash, we hardly made a dent. I am supposing this will be a baby quilt for a little girl. It's going to be really cute. Maybe you need to do one of Bonnie Hunter's quilts to really dig into your stash. Plus….it would keep you busy for a good long time, too. lol
    rita has left a new comment on your post "Purple Stash":

    I agree! I've been making some quilts to use up stash, and I always have to buy "a little something" to complete it. By the time I finish, I still have enough to make another quilt! It never ends! :)

  2. Another comment that was accidentally deleted --

    barbara woods has left a new comment on your post "Purple Stash":

    hi i am a quilter from Ga. visiting from Vicki's and now following you

  3. Another comment that was accidentally deleted --

    Dar has left a new comment on your post "Purple Stash":

    You know who the purple gal is, right??? It will have to be at least 90" long to cover my toes. lol If you need any additional purple squares, I just might have a few.

    I am trying to finish up UFOs too. Guess I should have joined up with this fun challenge.