Sunday, February 5, 2017

All Kinds of Progress

I've made a lot of progress on three of the projects I shared with you in this post.   The baby quilt I've decided to call "Strings Around the Block" is actually quilted .....

..... and the binding is ready to be stitched down.

"Craving Color" is also quilted .....

(even though there was a little collateral damage when I took my eyes off the bobbin while I was binding it!  There was no way to salvedge that thread.)

..... and the binding is partially stitched down.   I may get both of the bindings finished during the Super Bowl game this evening.  (Fingers crossed!)

As for the Old Wedding Quilt, I finished putting it back together .....  

..... and it is ready to be basted.

I set goals to finish these three quilts by the end of February.  What has helped me get so much done is another one of my goals - getting out to my sewing room for at least 20 minutes a day.  I must admit that "20 minutes" often turns into more, but one of the reasons for the goal is to bring me joy.  It's working!  


  1. I still really love the string quilt. It's my favorite.

  2. WOW! Sandy you are really getting lots of quilts finished and I'm impressed that you are machine quilting many of those. I have been spending lots of time in the sewing studio myself and hope to have lots to show this month. I love your string quilt, but you know me and strings! lol