Wednesday, March 28, 2018

One Down, One To Go

I'm "this close" to finishing my March Scrap Attack goal. About 10 years ago I cut out pajamas from Tom and Jerry fabric for my grands, and never got around to making them. This is the month I'm supposed to use these fabrics to make two donation quilts for Little Lambs Foundation for Kids.

The blue quilt top came together well, but the borders not so much.   A lot of problems with quilt tops "quilt out", and things end up just fine so I hoped that would be the case this time.  It was. Whew!

I had the perfect thread in my thread stash.  (Yes, I know.  I may have a stash problem.)

In no time at all it was quilted and ready to bind.....

..... and now it's finished and ready to donate.

There's hope for the orange quilt being finished before the end of the month, too.  I decided to do a simple snow ball block for the orange quilt.   What could be more simple. Stitching squares onto corners.....

..... trimming.....

..... and pressing.....

..... and done!

Well, not exactly.  It needed borders before it could be basted.

And, now it's basted and ready to quilt.  Fingers crossed the next three days will yield another finish.  


  1. GREAT use for those fabrics! I still haven't checked the drawer where I'm sure there's a shirt in progress that I started about 10 years ago for our then 2 yr old grandson. LOL even our GREAT grandsons are older than that now... I think it's time to get that 'sip' out of 'storage' and into a quilt or two.

  2. Love that blue thread! I really like how these came out - what great stash quilts!

  3. I went right away and 'rescued' that shirt. Not an easy task as it was in a dresser drawer and the drawer above it had come apart ( not sure if it's broken or not - will check later) so I had to empty that drawer out so that I could remove it's bottom that was half way in the one below. Once I finally rescued the shirt, I looked it over and realized that all I need to do to finish it is sew the sleeves on and sew on buttons .. well, it probably still need the bottom hemmed. But the collar is on ( and that's the part I hate the most) and I've even done the button holes! I think I'll go ahead and finish it; I know someone who might be able to wear it. Thanks for reminding me :)

  4. Aw, the blue one turned out so cute! Perfect for Little Lambs. And the orange one is nipping at the blue's heels :)

  5. Your Tom and Jerry blue quilt worked out so well in the end, and the orange one is looking great too. I predict these will be well loved by two Little Lambs.