Saturday, July 2, 2022

RSC-Blue Goals and OMG Goals Met, And Then Some!

What a month!  You would think I was trying to make up for the last two months, or something.  

I got all my blue Pinwheel, Sawtooth Star, and "brick" blocks made for the RSC-2022 scrap challenge. 

Then, I focused on the quilts I had started for my daughter-in-law's friend's twin grand babies.  I wanted them to be similar but not identical, so I made Pinwheel blocks for one and Broken Dishes blocks for the other.  

Huh.  The Broken Dishes blocks made a secondary pattern that looks like - guess what?  Pinwheels!  

They're pretty easy to tell apart, though.  The cornerstones and the backings are different.  More "Seashore Drive" from Moda.  Such a sweet collection.


My quilting friend and neighbor, Denise, made labels for me with the girls' names on them.  If that doesn't make them different, I don't know what would!

Back to the June goals.  The applique' stars baby quilt is finished.  I made it in time to call it a June finish.  Barely.  This will be a donation quilt for our local St. Jude affiliate hospital.

All that AND a good stash report!


Fabric Added in June -  7 yards
Fabric Used in June -  31.2 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date - 36.3
Fabric Used Year to Date - 109.1 yards
Net Used in 2022 - 72.8 yards

Days I sewed in June - 29/30
Days I sewed this year - 173/181
Percentage - 95%

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Jenny said...

There will be happy babies waiting for their lovely quilts, havent you been busy!

Marly said...

You did do well last month Sandy! I love those little baby quilts. The colours are so sweet - just right for two little girls.