Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Part Two (The Big Kids)

The little kids were happy ("little" meaning the grands) and it was time for the big kids (our sons and daughters-in-law) to open gifts.

Here is a great tip for those of you who never know what to buy for your adult children -- have them create an Amazon Wish List.  It has made my life so much simpler as far as gift giving goes. (And I think it has made the kids' lives easier, too, when they want to shop for us.  You know how they think we already have everything...) 

 In addition to the Wish Lists Phil came up with some excellent ideas, and we were actually able to surprise Adam and Brandy with something.  (It still is fun to surprise them!)

I don't know how much of a surprise it was but one of Brandy's gifts from me was a quilt.  More about that in another for it!

Aaron and Leah enjoyed their gifts, too.    They wanted presents to open this year instead of photos of things we were having shipped to their home in Seattle, and we were happy to oblige!

I did not, however, enjoy mailing a huge package   home for them after Christmas.  (Well, okay, I didn't actually mind it...)  Next time though, they do need to leave a little more space in their luggage for that return trip!

Now for the biggest kids of all -- Gramma and Grampa!

Gavin really loves to give gifts and every year I get the most marvelous jewelry that he buys for me at the Santa Shop at school.   And I wear it!!  Soon I'll have such a varied selection that Phil won't have to buy me any more. (Do not believe that for a minute, Philip!  I just said that in case Gavin is reading this.)

I cannot resist one more photo of the grands!  Gavin, Aidan and Noah really love their Aunt Leah.  And she definitely enjoys them.  Sometimes she's the biggest kid of all.  They do have fun!                           

Christmas 2009 to be continued..........


  1. What a fun time! Great pictures! I really do love your tree. The Amazon wish list is a good idea. Mike got a Kindle for Christmas from his mom, and we got him an Amazon gift card that arrived in an email after they returned from their KC Christmas. He loves to read. In the last few years I have purchased most of the gifts from Amazon - they have such a huge selection. Looking forward to installment #3 AND the quilt story/pics! Love you.

  2. Sandy, enjoyed the Christmas pictures and presents. I too am looking forward to pics of the quilt you gave to Brandy. See you soon. Dar S