Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where, Oh Where Has My Blogging Time Gone?

How in the world could I have let more than a month go by without blogging?  My many fans have been asking where I am.  (That would be you, Faye.)  Life has a way of getting crazy busy sometimes, but I am hoping to make a few things more of a priority in the New Year.  Things like blogging, quilting, scrapbooking, spending time with friends, cleaning........oh wait!  How did cleaning get onto that list?
Just after my last blog entry we spent Thansgiving week in Seattle visiting our son and daughter-in-law.  I had the most interesting and clever blog entry all planned out in my head.  Oh, the exciting sights and visual stimulation of a cool, cosmopolitan city!  Of course that possibly award winning blog entry evaporated into thin air after I finally fell asleep that night.  Guess I should have gotten out of bed and written it down!

Seattle's Pike Place Market has to be one of the coolest places to visit.  Every trip to Seattle has to include a stop here.  Just the variety of merchandise available is stunning, not to mention the colors all around, the friendly vendors, and the busy shoppers.  It's exciting. 

We definitely got
some Christmas
shopping done
while we were
there!  And, I'm
sure that some
of the vendors
were sorry to
see me leave!

Here are a few of the folks we bought things from.

There is not only a coffee shop on every corner, there are bunches in between.  Each one has its own personality, but every one is special.  It's fun visiting different shops.  Aaron and Leah's favorite is Makeda Coffee, and I have to say they serve the best coffee I have tasted.  I love how many of the shops dress up their coffees with designs in the foam, like this:

Seattle has some of the most fascinating places to eat of any city I have been to, and so much variety it's difficult to decide on a place.   Just a few of the places we enjoyed on this trip were the Pig 'N Whistle, Red Mill Burgers,  Le Panier Very French Bakeryand we can't forget Mike's Chili Parlor.

Our last night in Seattle we had an amazing Moroccan dinner at Kasbah Moroccan Restaurant   They serve a five-course d'yaffa feast including traditional Harira Soup, B'stilla, Lamb dishes and yummy dessert and mint tea.  Did I mention the belly-dancing?  (Uh huh!)

We had a wonderful trip, and it was a delight to spend some time with "the kids" and experience just a little more of Seattle.  I really can hardly wait until the next time!!


Mimi said...

LOL! I can't be the only one wondering where you've been. By the way...what's that Phil is looking looks illegal! :)

Sandy Panagos said...

rofl -- That's an ocarina, you Silly! It's a ceramic flute-like instrument. We bought one for Gavin for Christmas. check it out --

Anonymous said...

Sandy, Faye was not the only one wondering what had happened to your blogging. I was going to bug you at our party, but I knew you had been very busy. I enjoyed seeing the market pictures. Seattle is one place I've never been. Maybe one day I'll get the opportunity to travel there. It looks interesting. But, do I remember that it rains a lot in that city? My hair frizzes very easily in rain or damp weather! I'll have to rethink this travel. See you soon. Dar

Anonymous said...

Sandy, I have missed you too! I loved seeing the adventures in Seattle! Now on to Christmas with the grands? Hugs, Gwen

Sandy Panagos said...

Oh, yes, I am going to blog about the grands next. I will be making up for lost blogging time!