Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Part One (The Kids)

Do these boys look ready for some Christmas presents, or what?  The minute we announced that we were going to be opening gifts, there they were sitting in front of the tree.  You really have to love that kind of enthusiasm.

And oh, yes, and that really is our tree.  Isn't it cool?  Our home decor tends more towards the contemporary, so I have been wanting a non-traditional tree for a while.  It took some looking, but we found this tree at Fine Home Displays and got the glass ornaments from Terry's Village.  I really love the look of it, especially when the sun comes through the window and the ornaments sparkle. 


It was so good to have Adam and Brandy here from Huntsville with the three boys, and Aaron and Leah here from Seattle.  I think everyone enjoyed their gifts and it was just good for this mom to have all her chicks nearby.  Now, about those presents........In my defense, even though it looks like Gramma and Grampa went a little overboard with the gifts, appearances can be deceiving.
     Kids' toys come in such big boxes these days!

Like this one -- Gavin was sitting on the couch opening this package, and it was just sooooo much work that he decided to go at it from a different direction......literally.      He was happy with the results, apparently!

It took a while to open all of them, but Aidan and Noah were happy with their gifts, too. Gramma and Grampa were just happy that they were happy! 

Christmas 2009 to be continued..........


  1. Well Sandy, It's about time you got back to posting something on your blog. You got me started blog reading and then you slowed down!! Love the pictures of the kids at Christmas. I also think your tree is wonderful. No needles to clean up after the holidays either. Mine is still up, but I guess it will come down this week, maybe!
    Hope Santa was good to you too. Dar

  2. Yeah! You blogged!! I know you have lots to share, so keep up the good work. I loved seeing the boys' pictures. Everyone looks so happy. Kids and Christmas just go together.

  3. Your tree is beautiful - perfect for your home. What did you do with your icicle ornaments? How did your Christmas Eve celebration go? Excited about the next installment... :o)