Sunday, January 8, 2017

Where to Start.....

I am more than happy to be starting a New Year.  Last year was not what I had hoped it would be as far as completing quilty goals went.  I did have seven finishes last year.  I did use up some of my stash.  I even did some serious organizing of scraps.  I did not, however, sew every day.  I even went months at a time without getting anything done at all.  For the first time ever I ended the year with more UFO's than when the year started.  And I really neglected my blog. 

I realize we are already into the second week of 2017, but I am starting in on my New Year goals now.  Last week I cleaned up my sewing room so I'm ready. At the end of 2016 it looked like this .....

..... and now it looks like this.

I've rounded up the three most recent projects added to the UFO list.  The goal is to complete them by the end of next month.  (Fingers crossed!)  This one is already basted .....

..... and even the binding is made.

This top is ready to baste.  It's the most recent UFO on my list.  I talked about it in this post.

I was given a bunch of completed blocks and asked to make them into a charity quilt.  I put them together last June, and it's ready to be basted.  This blue fabric will be perfect for the backing!

My basket of strings and scraps is about as full as it can get so another goal is to make some quilt tops from them.

First up, though, I need to finish the Old Wedding Quilt project which I blogged about in this post, and in this post, and again in this post.  It's been waiting on my ironing surface long enough.
I'm worn out just thinking about finishing all these projects in the next few months.  Since one of my other quilty goals is to blog more often, I'm planning on keeping you up to date on the progress.  Really!


  1. Go for it Sandy, but don't be too hard on yourself.


  2. I like the pattern you used for your string quilt.

  3. Just thinking about the Old Wedding Quilt made me feel worn out!! Looking at the basket of string makes it all better for me, though? I LOVE scraps of all kinds :)

  4. You surprised me by saying you have more UFOs at the end of the year than you began with. That sounds like me, not you. lol You may not be quilting as much as normal, but you are really burning the rubber on the soles of your shoes. You are smoking with your Fitbit steps. I am running trying to catch you to no avail. I only finished 5 quilts off my list last year, so this year it has to be double that.! Hope you make your goals in 2017.