Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Getting Back on Track

When I left you almost 2 years ago (can you believe it?) I never dreamed the Covid crisis would keep me away this long.  I certainly didn't think being in isolation would keep me out of my sewing room for over six months.  It should have been the opposite, right?  I should have been sewing up a storm (as my mother used to say).  Alas, motivation is an interesting thing.  Its appearance has been pretty random around here.  

Right before I took my blogging break I had been doing "A Little Housekeeping" in my sewing room.  I recovered my ironing board and design wall and sorted through and organized all my scraps.

The next part of my housekeeping was just the simple basics.  First, cleaning and oiling my machine, and wow, did it ever need it! 

Next, cleaning up threads.  I have a great thread catcher right at my elbow .....

..... but it seems that when you throw threads at it instead of putting them into it, they end up on the floor instead. Huh.  Imagine!

Do you know what happens if the floor is covered in threads and you don't sweep often enough?  The wheels on your chair stop rolling because they're bound up in thread and snippets of fabric!

I'm not even going to tell you how hard it was to clean up that mess.  Let's just say it involved scissors, tweezers, and a lot of time.         

It wreaks havoc with your socks, too!

Once my sewing room was cleaned and organized I felt more like sewing.  Next time I'll show you everything I accomplished afterwards.

Oh!  One more thing!  When you clean your sewing room I would advise you to sort through your trashcan before emptying it.  You never know what might have ended up in there after it fell off the cutting table.  Yikes!

Now that I'm back (AND motivated) I'll see you soon.  I promise!


Carol R. said...

I know exactly what you mean about lack of motivation during this COVID 'mess'. On top of that, I lost my husband last year and I have been trying to find my new 'normal' which hasn't included a lot of quilting.

piecefulwendy said...

Welcome back! I'm trying to ignore my chair wheels, thinking the lack of good rolling is only due to my weight (haha) not threads being balled up in them. I've done that cleaning on another chair, and I know what you mean!

Patti said...

Great to have you back, missed your blog. Boy so many things you wrote about are so true. My sewing room needs a good cleaning also!

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Looks like my vacuum cleaner roller!?! Keep on quilting!!!