Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Close Call

I was all packed and ready to leave for Retreat on Monday morning.  I hadn't really taken as much time to plan projects as I normally do, but I was satisfied with the main idea -- a baby quilt made with really bright solids and a bright white background.  

I had this stack of half yards of Marcus Fabrics which I had purchased at a quilt show.......

.......and this stack of brights that my friend Rose Mary had given me when she was my Secret Quilter.

What gorgeous colors!  I was a happy girl!!

But not for long.  I am normally not a pre-washer, but I got to thinking about how this quilt would be totally ruined if these colors happen to bleed onto that white background.  I had to leave the house pretty soon so I didn't have enough time to properly test the fabrics.  I just chose one from each line, wet the ends with hot water, and laid them out on a paper towel.  


The aqua didn't bleed as badly as the pink, but it did bleed, and there was no time left to set the colors.  

I needed to leave the house in just a few minutes and I only had three pillowcases packed to work on.

I ran into my sewing room, grabbed a Moda Jelly Roll, a stack of muslin, and a box of 2" squares, then threw them into my tote bag with no plan whatsoever and hit the road!


( be continued.......)


  1. You have the nerve to just leave us hanging?!?!?!

  2. It's a good thing you had something else to take to retreat or that would have been your second disaster for the day.

  3. What a dilema you had. Are you NOW a pre-wash girl like me?? Or do you still need to be convinced?? lol. I'm sure your jelly roll and muslin did the trick. You are so creative with any fabric, it's sure to be cute.

  4. Oh my I don't pre-wash I guess I need to start doing that. What retreat were you going to? How did your quilt turn out from the jelly roll?

    1. I am still not a pre-washer unless my "gut" tells me to be. Too much work!! I will keep you posted on the jelly-roll quilt. Only have 16 of the 42 blocks done so far. Maybe I should have started a smaller project??