Monday, April 1, 2013

My New Project for March -- Pillowcases

This whole "starting a new project every month" is NOT going as I planned!  I was certain I could start and finish a new project every month plus make progress on my UFO's.  What was I thinking?  I went into this 2013 NewFo Challenge with a pretty high opinion of myself, I guess.  Now.......not so much!  

So far, I have at least made a good start on New Projects.  In January I started and then made good progress on Gavin's Quilt.  In February I started and made some progress on my Neutrals Challenge.  

In March I cut out pillowcases.  Yup.  That's it.  I don't know if that even counts as starting a new project!

It really did take a lot of time to select and cut fabrics for all those pillowcases.  And, I did take them with me  on vacation just in case I needed something to do.  And, it was a real effort to unfold them and take photos for this blog entry.  That should count for something.  Do I get points because these pillowcases are eventually going to St. Louis Children's Hospital?  

I am linking up to Barbara's Linky Party.  Then I'm going to see if anyone else is doing as badly as I am!  

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  1. Looking good! Now it's April....what's new for this month? ;D