Friday, April 5, 2013

A NewFo Finish -- March Pillowcases Done!

I got into my sewing room this week and finished the ten pillowcases that I had cut out for my March NewFo.  I am back on track with my pillowcase project and almost caught up with my goal of making 50 for an early June deadline. 
Aren't these pretty fabrics?  I've been trying to make some of the pillowcases appropriate for teenagers since there are plenty of teen patients in childrens' hospitals.  I think someone will like these a lot.  

These are good for teens, too.  I especially like the blue one with the musical instruments.  

I hate to tell you how long ago I bought these florals.  I'm pretty sure it was around 2004.  I bought them from the famous "back room" at Hancocks of Paducah during Quilt Show Week.  I can't imagine how many pieces of bargain priced yard cuts are bought from that back room, thrown into stashes, and never looked at again.  Would you believe these three pieces are the only pieces I have done that exact thing with?  You're right.  Don't believe it!


  1. Sandy, All your pillowcases are lovely. I really love the second set of blues/purples/yellow. You are right, they are great for teens. Congrats. I'm not close to my goal, but I'm still working on it!

  2. I don't recall your "stash" being that big! Where are you coming up with all these fabrics for these pillow cases. I am impressed.

  3. Awesome! All ten look great and to process through more of your stash even that older stuff is wonderful. Jane
    PS: I'm sure those superman capes will be flying around here sometime so will post a photo of them in use when I can. lol