Sunday, April 14, 2013

Retreat Projects

The Moda Jelly Roll I threw into my retreat bag at the last minute was Basic Grey Urban Couture.  My friend Rose Mary had given this to me, too.  (She is too good to me!)  

I found a pattern I wanted to use in Diane's magazine, the Spring 2013 issue of Quilting Quickly.

Fortunately I like to make a single block when I start a new pattern instead of chain piecing the whole thing.  I would have ruined every single block if I had chain pieced.  There is a mistake in the pattern!  

Instead of the pieces looking like they show in the pattern....... 

......they are really supposed to look like this.

Otherwise the stars don't turn out right.

Once that was straightened out I made blocks until I ran out of muslin.

Then I got out the pillowcases and started on them..........


  1. wow...that was smart. I would have made them all wrong....and what an easy way to make that block, too. Love them. How big are each star?