Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Super Sewing Sunday

I spent almost all day on quilty stuff today!  The first thing I worked on was basting Aidan's quilt.   Before we moved here we had a huge finished basement with stained concrete floors which were great for basting a quilt.   Sadly, there isn't an easy place to baste in this house.   I tried laying things out in the living room this morning, but I couldn't get the backing stretched out flat.  No matter how I tugged and pulled and pinned, there were puckers and pleats in the backing.  It was really frustrating.  Finally, I stripped our king-sized bed and laid out the backing, batting and quilt top on it.  For some reason it worked great!  I was able to pin baste, then roll the quilt up as I worked.  

I made some progress on a UFO today -- the black and white wallhanging I started right before Christmas. 

I got more than half of the rows finished today.  I don't know it it's harder than it looks or it was just me, but I made 8 rows before I finished one without having to rip!

I always thought I was a pretty accurate piecer, but working with black and white makes it difficult to hide any imperfection!

I hope it doesn't make any difference to the QRC Reader.  If it does, I'll just turn it over and use the back as the front.  I actually think its way cooler. 


  1. Well, I think the back would have a few too many loose threads for me. That is way cool. How could you baste on the bed?. I would be afraid of basting to the mattress

  2. I had the same question as Mimi about catching the matress cover. What does the QRC say?? I have seen several of these and think they are pretty neat. What family member are you making it for?

  3. Neat blocks and what a great idea to use your king size bed to lay out the quilt for basting!!