Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Finish -- Aidan's Quilt

For a while there I was beginning to think I was not going to finish my January goal, but I am out of my sick bed and have been able to spend a few days in my sewing room. I am so glad.  I didn't want to get behind in my very first month of A Lovely Year of Finishes!  

In my last post I told you about getting the backing made for Aidan's Alabama quilt and then getting it basted.  That was actually my goal for January, but I really hoped to get it quilted and bound as well.  I quilted the main part of the quilt with a variegated black/gray/white thread using a medium stipple.

When I got to the border I decided to switch to crimson for the quilting thread, and when I saw how good it looked I wished I had used it for the entire quilt.  Shortly after I started, I quilted across one of the Alabama A's.  I didn't like it.

From then on I was really careful to go around them, and I am very happy to report than only 2 more A's were sacrificed in the making of this quilt! 

I have to tell you that the going was not all that easy this week.  As you know, it's best to clean and oil your machine and change your needle before every new project.  This is NOT the result you want!

That's a little too much oil.  But that's what happens when the lid to your oil bottle is broken and it falls off when you are trying to put a tiny dot of oil in your machine!

I don't keep paper towels or rags in my sewing room, but there was plenty of toilet paper in the bathroom.

Everything went smoothly after that until I was clipping threads ......... and snipped a tiny little hole in the quilt!   I don't know if you can see it; the pin is pointed at the hole.  I think you can see it in the close-up.

Thinking it would shred during machine washings, I had to repair it.  I opened the seams on either side of it to appliqué a little piece of black over the hole.  Since the quilting was in the way I had to put the patch diagonally across the sashing.  You can really barely see it so I am very relieved.

Yesterday I got the binding on it, and last night I finished stitching it down.  I slept under it last night (a fun tradition I have!) and now it is ready to give to Aidan.

I really like this quilt a lot.  I know it will be well-loved, and that's really the best part of the whole thing.

I'm linking up to the FINISHES PARTY at Fiber of All Sorts and then I am going to see what everyone else accomplished this month.  My goal was entry #148.

A Lovely Year of Finishes


  1. Oh my...you really did have your troubles this month, but the quilt turned out great. I like the variegated thread, too. I think Aidan is going to love his quilt.

  2. Beautiful finish! I always sleep under a new quilt too :)

  3. A striking finish, just in the nick of time. Having a little patch adds to the story. Aidan will be thrilled. This is an heirloom. Well done.

  4. Wow, beautiful finish with many adventures ...:)

  5. Congratulations on a job well done! Hoping the next 11 months of 2014 bring a lot less sickness to have to deal with. Aidan with love this!

  6. You get extra points just for having to deal with all of that, especially the oil spill (yuk). Way to go getting through all of that and the quilt is beautiful!

  7. thanks for visiting my blog.
    it is not great to start out the year sick especially when you have so much sewing planned.
    your quilt is wonderful, i would love it if you willed it to me.
    Kathleen Mary



  8. In spite of all the problems, the quilt turned out beautifully. I love the colors and I am sure Aidan will cherish it.

  9. Way to overcome your challenges! I love that you have a tradition of sleeping under your quilts before you give them away.

  10. Your quilt turned out great! What a comedy of horrs though about the oil and little hole. That was a funny picture of the toilet paper stuffed in the bobbin area. Cracked me up! So glad you got it all fixed and everything is back to normal. Looking forward to seeing you real soon.

  11. The quilt is wonderful. I've wanted to make that pattern for a long time, since you made the Halloween quilt at our retreat. The oil spill - I think I would have just left the room, taken some vodka into a closet and curled up in a corner. But, no, you get the camera out, document it, and post it for all to see. I've long known that we bloggers are a different breed.

  12. Hey Sandy! Glad you are feeling better and reached your goal. Perfect quilt for Aidan, A's and all, he will love it

  13. Great quilt! Good to hear that you are feeling better and were able to accomplish your goal. I have been known to snuggle under a finished quilt, too, before It goes to its new home. I am sure that Aidan will feel all the love that went into his quilt ... :) Pat

  14. WOW! great job despite all your problems. You really know how to keep on keeping on. Well done!