Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Year of NewFo Challenges

I can't believe I survived a year of New Projects with Barbara's 2013 NewFo Challenge!  I went in thinking not only would I start and finish twelve projects, but I would also finish a few UFO's I just happened to have on hand.  I was thinking that it was a real disaster, but actually, when I looked back over my list of finished projects, I did okay.  Take a look.

January Project -- Gavin's Quilt -- FINISHED!

February Project -- Neutrals Challenge -- FINISHED!

March Project -- Pillowcases -- FINISHED!

April Project -- Tile Tango -- FINISHED!

May Project -- Pink Stars -- FINISHED!

June Project -- A Real Disaster -- And I STILL don't know what to do with this one!!!

July Project -- Jason's Quilt -- FINISHED!

August Project -- Zelda quilt for Josh -- Up Next!!!!

September Project  -- Baby Quilt -- FINISHED!

October Project  --  Aidan's Alabama Quilt -- Sooooooo Close!!!!!  

November Project  -- Marmalade Squares -- FINISHED!

December Project  -- A Christmas Surprise --  Ooops!  You didn't think there was a December project did you!  Well, I thought it would be something I could quickly throw together along with all those last minute Christmas preparations, hand-quilt it in the car on the way to St. Louis, and give it to someone as a real surprise for Christmas.  Well, that didn't happen.  But I'll give you a peek (because I do still want to finish it!)

With that, I will link up with Barbara's Linky Party over at Cat Patches for my final 2013 NewFo Challenge.  It's been a lot of fun.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  


  1. You should be very proud of your finishes in 2013. You did very well. You are my hero. I am going to try to copy you in 2014, not by starting new projects each month-- but finishing something each month off my list!
    Be glad you are not in St. Louis today. We got 10 inches of snow and it is now -1 degrees actual temp. I think I heard the wind chill is - 15 and going down to -26 or more. Time for lots of sewing.

  2. You did a fabulous job Sandy! I love seeing what you are working on and finishing :D

    I'd take the June 'pieces' and use them in a border or in a backing for another quilt.

    Thanks for sharing your year with us!

  3. What a wonderfully productive year. Too bad about that jelly roll quilt, but so many beautiful finished quilts. Congratations.

  4. Woot! Woot! for you!! I am so excited for you! To accomplish all of that, plus lots of travel, plus lots of Grandson Time, plus serious health issues... I am really proud of you. My goal (with Sandy's encouragement and her help - along with Gary's) is to organize my studio (still MULTIPLE boxes & bags unpacked from our move in July 2010) so it is inviting, inspiring and user friendly for myself plus guests to create lovely works of art.

    The quilt above that just oozes LOVE (from my perspective) is the Gavin quilt that he designed and had you slightly moving out of your comfort zone (which is a HUGE zone, by the way). The quilt for Aidan is another favorite. But my absolute favorite is the Tango Tile quilt. The colors are wonderful. It is definitely a Happy Thought!

    Is this the year you adopt me so I can have my own Sandy Quilt? :)