Friday, January 21, 2022

"Long Time Gone"

My January OMG (One Monthly Goal) is to finish putting together my Jen Kingwell quilt top.  I thought I should share the background on that so you can celebrate with me when I finish.  

Last February, almost a year ago now, my quilty friend Denise suggested we do a Jen Kingwell sew-along, and she chose the "Long Time Gone" pattern.  It isn't the style quilt I usually make, but I was onboard.  

It has a lot of little tiny pieces.  Like 1" x 1.5" strips for the Courthouse Steps blocks .....  

..... and 3" x 1.5" Flying Geese units .....

..... and 1.5" Half-Square-Triangles.

Every block has lots and lots of pieces!

Except for the Bow Tie block for some reason.  

I felt like it stood out, so I swapped that block of four 6" Bow Ties to my own block of sixteen 3" Bow Ties.  I must have been in a baby block mood!

Another change I made was to replace the 60-degree triangle blocks called for .....


..... with itty bitty Square-in-a-Square blocks and teeny weeny Economy blocks.   I must confess that it was only because no matter how hard I tried I could not make a 60-degree triangle block.  

I made some ridiculously small Pineapple Log Cabin blocks, too!

Putting those together accurately was fun.  It took a lot of pinning!

The construction of the top was easier than I thought it might be.  Blocks were put together into six sections.   Here they are all ready and waiting to be put together into a top.  Look at those tiny Monkey Wrench blocks!

It's pretty close to being finished.  Now it needs borders.  I may just make that One Monthly Goal!

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