Sunday, April 15, 2018

Goal Met - T-Shirt Quilt Update

It took a while, but I met my February goal.  The t-shirts are officially a flimsie, and it's ready to be basted and quilted.  

I'm pretty excited about this one.  I really laid out a challenge for myself when I decided to be creative with it.  I was able to incorporate all the elements I had hoped to.  I was able to use the fabric from Hawaiian shirts Josh's Gramma Lopez had made for him .....

..... and Grampa Lopez's sweatshirt from Josh's University.

I used several t-shirt necklines .....

..... some mildew stained, raggedy sleeve edges .....

..... even a sleeve cuff!

I set out to make it interesting, but I didn't have anything to do with this detail. Josh's name is spelled wrong on this shirt!

I want to use green for the backing because it's Josh's favorite color, so I gave him some options and he chose this batik.  I love it.  Green is my favorite color, too.  Luckily, there's some left for me!

Tomorrow this gets dropped off with my long-arm quilting friend Shirley Jackson  (Custom Quilting by Shirley Jackson) so she can work her magic on it.  I can hardly wait to get it finished and deliver it.  It's really a special finish.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Doll Quilts

Small quilt projects that can be completed quickly are such fun especially when they're cute, little doll quilts.  Last week when I shared about sewing for A Doll Like Me, I still needed to stitch down the binding on the turquoise quilt. That went together so quickly I couldn't wait to make another one.

Today was a cold, rainy day here, a good time to make a second doll quilt.  Pink this time.

I'm a Boy Mom (and a Boy Gramma, too, actually) so there aren't any dolls around here to use for staging a cute photo. I do have stuffed animals, though, so I pulled one out of the toy closet.  Gotta have some kind of doll on a doll quilt, right?  

How about that?  Two finishes in one week.  I've decided that a finish feels good no matter what size quilt it is. 

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Monday, April 2, 2018

April Goals and Whatnot

I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  That is to say, "I may have set more goals than I can accomplish." Actually, so far this year of the 6 goals I set I'm only behind by one, and I'm making great progress with that one.  Josh's T-Shirt quilt top (which was my February 6 & 6 in 2018 goal) is almost finished.  I had to order more fusible interfacing in order to prep the last two shirts that need to be added.  In the mean time, here's a little preview.

But, I digress.  My April 6 & 6 in 2018 goal is .....  

..... to make something using the fat quarters my friend, Leigh, gave me. That didn't sound too bad.  Not until I pulled them out of the cabinet, that is.  

Can I work my way through forty-seven fat quarters this month?  We shall see.  

I really didn't want to think about it until tomorrow.  Today, I decided to make a doll quilt.  This morning I used squares from my stash to put it together then basted and quilted it. All I need to do now is stitch down the binding.

Because every child deserves to see his or her own face in the face of a doll, Amy Jandrisevits, owner and creator of A Doll Like Me, has made it her mission to create custom dolls for children with limb differences, albinism, birth marks, burns, scars, even cochlear implants.  Here are just a few of the dolls she's made.

And, since every doll needs a quilt, Bernie at Needle & Foot Fine Fabrics, recently hosted a doll quilt drive.  You can find more information about it here.  If you check here you can see photos and videos of these little ones receiving their dolls.  

Maybe after reading more about it you will be motivated to make a doll quilt, too.  I'm hoping the one I made today will be the first of many.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Another March Finish and a Stash Report

Whew!  I finished my 6 & 6 in 2018 and my Scrap Attack March goals by the skin of my teeth.  Not really, I still have almost five hours left in the month, but I need to rest once in a while.  It did help that I was able to use the same project for both goals, but it's still two finishes this month, and I like it.  A few days ago I told you about the blue Tom and Jerry quilt I finished.  Today I finished the orange quilt.  

I backed it, quilted it, and bound it with yellow.  I thought it looked good with the cheese!

I had fun taking photos of this one, but I think I need a new venue.  It's getting harder to figure out how to get good shots in my courtyard!

Both quilts will be in the mail next week to Little Lambs Foundation for Kids.  You can see details of the quilt drive for Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge here.

And now for my March stash report.  I did okay even though I bought way more fabric than I wanted to.  My goal is at least 10 yards a month so I have a little catching up to do.

Fabric Added in March  -    4.5 yards
Fabric Used in March  -    17.37 yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date  -   8.5 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date  -   36.6 yards

Net Fabric Used in 2018  -  28.1 yards 

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